Weekly Re-cap

Wow this week was INTENSE, to say it mildly. It was a rough week full of illness and lack of work.

Between my son getting sick, then myself & then my husband yikes that’s crazy insane.
Monday: The normal MANIC MONDAY except the day I officially moved upstairs and well I like it up there, my space is bigger, I’m able to get my work done get help and give help. 

Monday mornings … my kids shockingly line up 

yet Monday was a very stressful day but fun cause I was upstairs… I’m getting more excise three flights of stairs a few times a day. this was also the day I got a concerning phone call from my sons school that lead him to the doctors office with a fever at school of 101.6 but at doctors office 102.8 HOLY CRAP, but it wasn’t completely slowing him down. we saw grandma fuller that day too! she was 
there too for herself. 
he didn’t like having to get down to a diaper & having to sit in the “BOAT” aka the scale

a concerned Grandma came to see little man

BEST PART TO MONDAY… Seeing my buddy George & spending lunch break with him 
Tuesday: The day Cousin GG & Timmy got to spend with little man and realized how much little man enjoyed chilling with Tim. 
I got out of work around one cause if my baby, everyone in my office was concerned with the fact he had a fever so high at his age. (a reason why my office is better than yours they also check in on us) before heading home I ran to the post office, the grocery store (needed diapers according to sitters & dog food too!) then home to spend time with my little guy have lunch then get my older boys from school. 
After getting my boys from school and driving home I started feeling weird and dry heaving… no gage reflux is a curse cause I don’t choke easily but that’s okay I remained calm and wait till my husband got home so he could cook. I wasn’t feeling good and my other son had a skype session that well was like ever other one … then after I explained to everyone I didn’t feel great since dinner was done and ran upstairs and passed out. 

Tuesday morning dropping the bigger boys off and heading to work 

WAITING for Skype to be answered 

ME before passing out 

WEDNESDAY: Oh how I spent my early am vomiting and with diarrhea to the point it got serious enough I debated for an ambulance, my whole house slept through the whole ordeal. When family got wind if the seriousness I was threatened to be dragged to the hospital if I didn’t go to the doctors so to appease everyone I went then was TOLD NO WORK UNTIL MONDAY yet that ticked me off. Oh well I rested and rested & had help from family (thanks Ange & Mom)

At my doctors appointment it was learned I had gotten the Stomach Flu how was unknown and after learning that … I honestly didn’t care I just wanted to get better.  So I went to the store to get what I was told I was allowed to eat then went home to rest before getting my kids and made the calls/texts and facebook messages to try to find someone to help me out since I wasn’t keeping much of anything down. So Wednesday night the helper was the kids cousin GG and man did they love that. I went up after trying to eat cause I felt sick my cousin found me in the fetal position holding my water bottle. I waited to little man was completely sleeping before making my attempt to get into comfy pj’s.

THURSDAY: Like every normal day I was up dressed (looked and felt like crap) got my babies dressed with the help of my husband then loaded them up & dropped them off at school. Then it was rest before dropping off my cousin and picking up my boys and my mom coming to help. 

Then once my mom got there it wasn’t much of a rest cause I was still going a mile a minute and well not resting, tried eating and that failed, then went to bed after my hubs came home. 
FRIDAY: Oh the day that had my head in a vice grip and my body pale as hell. 
Rough morning… stopped getting sick at 09:00, then attempted work but it was too late and they suggested I rest. So I helped run errands and rested until we had to get my kids and drop my youngest off because the boys got rewarded for such good potty training. 

Sneaky kitty got out late Thursday night and didn’t come in until Friday 

Monster X Tour (Woot Woot)

Kitty snuggles 

feeling spring and ready to take on the day …. loves 

Well that was the week … pretty laud back since we kinda got sick … gotta love it


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