Throwback Thursday {TBT}

Throwback Thursday {TBT}

A Moment in life where you sit back and reflect on your past, the good the bad and the unknown and make sense of it all. 

As we approach the warmer weather I can’t help but think about trips to the local ponds and beaches, trips to summer getaways to fun places with different family members. So with that I chose to go back to 2012 and move on upward and compare 2012 and 2013 around the same time and look at the change in my life. What’s happened? Who’s grown up? Who’s new? 
June 2012:
Seanie Bear 

another of Seanie Bear

Me *Pregnant*

sexy legs of mine :p 

Chunky Monkey & Seanie Bear 

Playing in the pool together 

Moments like this make my heart melt

They love the WATER 🙂 

Yeah my babies are water babies  
So handsome

June 2012 I was pregnant with my third child (who I soon learned would be another little boy later on) and well that didn’t stop me from living my life as a mum-ma with my first two. I enjoyed sharing water moments with my kids for I love getting out and swimming.  
June 2013:

River play

M. Fuller Photography

Chunky Monkey dumping sand down my back 

splish splash 

Playing with Chunky Monkey

Splish Splash Kick Swish 

Water Babies

Just chilling 

Happy Baby

What a ham

loved playing on the swing

Playing with her grandson at the park 

So last year I had three babies to take out into the parks and with Grandma’s help of course. We took them to a little stream at a park in town. So above are last years pictures. 

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