My Battle with the Stomach Flu


Stomach Flu:
also know as Viral Gastroenteritis, it’s a virus that causes swelling and inflammation of the stomach and intestines, it can cause some unruly issues from diarrhea to vomiting to both.

You might be wondering why it’s so serious for someone who was 108 lbs. well maybe because this illness also causes people too loose weight. Depending on how bad you get it I mean I got it to the point I lost over 6 lbs. total and I’m still sick. I have about another day for this. Joyful right … NOT!

I started this at a weight of 110 lbs. according to the doctors office, now I weight a whopping 102 lbs. which mean’s to the doctors office I lost 8lbs. I tech. only weighed 108 lbs. and now I’m only 102 lbs. my goal is to gain back weight that I’ve lost. I missed a day of work after hours of getting sick only to be told them I’m not to return to work until Monday but I’m going to try to go into work tomorrow for a few hours, I can’t stand but feel like my work performance has slacked after my kids getting sick.

So Monday I woke up feeling blahh chummed it off as sinus issues, then Tuesday I was loosing my voice and hard a worse sore throat and still continued to chum it off as sinus issues until Tuesday night when well I realized that my body wasn’t taking it and well late Tuesday night early Wednesday morning I spent hours between 2am and 9:30am getting sick from 7am till 7:30am I had just enough time to make an appointment which beat the alternative of being dragged to the ER by my father.

So my appointment wasn’t until 11:35 which was great goal stop getting sick and jump in the shower before going. Cool those two things achieved. Yay!

Get to my appointment get in and have to wait six minutes to check in which makes me late cause they don’t have working receptionist that know what they are doing.

Student doctors today… woot woot get there they tell me I don’t have no fever, I’m surprisingly good with the students compared to the regular staff since they think I’m a stupid fuck. I also have good blood pressure shocking since my family is going threw … there was a nasty smell in the office something some body had for lunch wasn’t agreeing with me so I was going from pale to green and dry heaving they do their exam and low and behold this woman has the stomach flu that normal lasts anywhere from 24 to 48 hours except in my cause it’s taking 72 hours.

So as I’m on my third day I’m slowly starting to feel better sad part is I was told by my doctors that I’m not allowed to return to work until Monday. I’m not liking that at all but I guess it’s in best for my health I wish that the cramps would go away, the constant congestion, the nasty taste in my mouth and the constant chills would leave.


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