Job Interview

Wow … omg totally excited, nervous & well worried. Why?! Well on March 12, 2013 at 10:00 I had a job interview for a Full-Time, Clerk IV Benefitted position at UMass… I was the first person they interviewed… what made the day all so nervous and the last week miserable was I’m currently an 03 employee with no benefits (I’m working through state funded grant so once it ends so does my job position- yikes) so the job is awesome and getting the interview was even better.

So on Friday, March 7th I had to leave work early for my youngest who was having breathing difficulties, okay fine cool I got this I’m calm collective and know I can handle it, get my stuff shit down and leave. Go get my son and head home give him a treatment and snuggle till he passes out along with myself & within 45 minutes I was being woken up saying UMass Amherst is calling … at first I thought I was in trouble until they asked to speak with (Me) and to my uneasy unaware self I said speaking… and the conversation begun, which felt like forever was a ten minute phone call of saying yes to still being interested in the job, to wanting interview for the position and setting the time and date which made me honestly want the weekend to fly by. 
As I approached the start to my work week on Tuesday I got to inform my bosses that Wednesday I’d be taking my lunch to interview for a different position within UMass. I’m over excited for the job for it’s something that is a little more long term than my current position. So as Tuesday dragged on I couldn’t wait for Wednesday to come, then getting to work waiting until 9:50 was killing me I wanted to be at my interview five minutes early especially since I’m always one to be prepared for that. I was the first one on the first day of interviews and well that means I must had a good resume that caught attention cause I’m currently an o3 clerk. I made it through the interview and felt good then over time my mind got the better of me. I called them last week on Thursday and was told I’d be in touch… so I anxiously awaited TODAY (Wednesday, March 26th, 2014) when I called and tried to find out information and was told I’d be looking at another week. So that means more waiting and more mind corruptions but that’s okay I’ll keep busy with my family and fighting the stomach flu.


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