Weekend Re-Cap 3.21-3.23

Hooray the weekend for me started at 11:30 on Friday which was nice except it was a crazy mid-morning attempting to accomplish EVERYTHING, before meetings & getting my babies from school.

Friday: Out of work at 11:30 am to deal with so much stuff before getting my babies from school and before Lexi came over for “Frozen” movie night… LOVED THE MOVIE it’s a must own. I want the snowman.

Saturday: The day started like every other day… the boys were up and wanting to already leave to Aunty’s house since pretty much every Saturday they leave for a few hours to visit them since they see other family members during the week after school. It’s okay with me allows me time to clean house and bond with little man. Except this evening I’d be going out on what was called BITCH FEST. It was very fun… Got together with mother’s that I work with and who have children around my age… we ended up at the O’s where I spent the rest of my evening … they want to make this a monthly event… I’m game-ish but I’m hesitant since I’ve got stalkers that like to run their mouths to people… oh and that I’m not too trusting of ANYONE that can’t seem to be honest with me … *a reason why most of my stuff is private*


Sunday: Saint Patrick’s Day Parade with my cousin … that was a blast and I got to see my sister Katie and her family along with spend some time with my dad the kids loved that. I then kidnapped my cousin on our way back to the house then we had fun waiting for the hub’s to get home to have some family fun before returning my family down the road.



Our night with Lexi 
 grumpy faces 

cuddles with bubbles 



family picture *every sayurday*

best lunch date ever 

DINNER *food porn*

Mother & daughter 

Moms and daughter *theyve been best friends* 

love for my cousin Tommy 

Timmy Shimmy and myself 
Smooh and myself 

Zack and me 


Saint Patrick’s Day Parade in Hokyoke (My First Time) 
off to get cousin GG

 got her! 

walking to our spot 


little man watching 
Sean and Connor watching 

another little man 



saying by to grandpa 

dad and daughter 
WGGB 40 

Connor and WGGb 40 

Connor again with WGGB 40

then at home resting 


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