100 Days of Happiness

Can you be HAPPY for a 100 Days?
I’m trying this sweet challenge that really isn’t that much of a challenge it’s a way of life. That honestly should be very easy.

I saw a fellow blogger talk about 100 days of happiness, well that should be easy, that should also be fun. I’m actually a very happy person life’s perfect for me and the fumbles that I encounter in life are well what make me thrilled about living life. I am a wife and mother to three son’s they keep me young.
My goal in this is to show everyone that happiness comes from the little things in life, my gain is that if any of my readers and followers choose to join in on this that they share a record of their adventure.
I’ll post on Saturday next week 7 days of happiness and I’ll do that every Saturday until the 100th day when I post all 100 photos! Get ready for some photo fun, I’m so excited to share what makes me happy are you ready to get a little more insight on my life.
To register for this fun please go to
My main platform for this challenge is my instagram account I’ll also share my photo’s to twitter and tumblr so that EVERYONE can see and everyone can be excited to try this.

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