Blarney 2014 and the Blowout that it’s caused!

This is the one time of year besides the infamous Hobart Hoedown which always took place on Hobart Lane in UMass which made say I wasn’t a town resident of Amherst and well thankful since 2007 I moved out of Amherst and into the sister town Pelham, I can say I’m not apart of that town yet it was still a shame this year when the UMass Students partook in their traditional Blarney Blowout to celebrate the Irish holiday Saint Patrick’s Day. Worst part was the reputation that UMass took is undeniable horrible as we’ll not be able to live this down people have already jumped in on the band wagon that it was UMass’ fault for the students behavior. When it was clearly stated that this was not a UMass event and things would happen if things got out of control. So my silly self had to run to town and well here is my view of the Blarney Blowout… keep in mind this caused traffic back ups, ton’s of over time for Amherst PD, FD, the ambulance crews, not to think of the UMass PD as well… and surround towns.

drunk students walking the streets

Amherst Ambulance passing me

the town was taken over by students

Drunk students riding the COW

seriously saddening

DISTURBING and I’m glad I didn’t partake in this nor would allow myself too let alone also allow my children partake in this come due age.


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