It’s that time of the week yet again the famous Throwback Thursday, it takes over Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and now my blog (I don’t participate when it reaches Facebook that just not me I don’t hashtag on Facebook unless it’s synced in with my Instagram shared photo). So this throwback is going back a couple years not a crazy amount just a couple with up coming holidays it’s fun to see how things have changed.

My first throwback today is of … 

my sister Diana & myself in January of 2012 the year of my nana’s passing while she was a patient of CDH 

my second throwback of today is of…

is of that same day except it’s more of my siblings with my children at the time just Sean and Connor 

my third throwback of the day is of… 

EASTER 2012 

Sean and Connor opening gifts 
fourth throw back of the day is …

Fathers Day 2012

Sean and Connor watching daddy open gifts 
and the fifth and final THROWBACK of the day today is of 

Me teaching Sean how to swim up in New Hampshire at the hotel we stayed in at thanks to Uncle Jon! 

Old times great memories awesome days. 
Hope you enjoyed my walk down memory lane and my past holiday experiences. Watch back for Tuesdays on Transfortmation Days! 


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