Parenting Brag of the Week!!!!

This is why I love being a mum-ma, the snuggles and cuddles with my babies. Last night it was little man he wasn’t feeling good and cuddles to put him back to sleep was the best. 

these are the moments that make everything worth while

Once he was fully back to sleep after a drink of warm milk & some teething meds after he let me give him some we cuddled until I brought him upstairs to sleep on his bed but before I left I found him like this after I covered him up
yeah that’s def. a mum-ma moment right there… when I don’t feel good lord knows I’m a bed hog…
well that was my parenting brag of the day besides his older brothers rocking on the potty training … Woot woot go Sean & Connor third night in undies one minor accident at school yesterday that’s okay your learning… keep up the good work boys. Mum-ma & Daddy are proud of you! 


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