GoDaddy Tech. Support

Wow, GoDaddy.Com Tech. Support is shockingly helpful and frustrating all in one but when push comes to shove they are actually calmly easy to talk to and help speak computer to the computer dense user. For myself I’m not tech. savvy when it comes to blogging and url and domains and such, but I wanted to OWN my blog and feel good about this site.

Finally after two phone calls and two different people and almost saying F it and walking away from owning my site and getting my money back we got the site to work, we got the domain to work, just think how silly that would have been if I gave up just like that cause I didn’t have the time to call back again to deal with more talk through on how to set things up.

First phone call had me set this up so backwards that the URL stuff wasn’t working then the second time I did it we got it to work perfectly! Yay! So as it stands your getting two thumbs up even if at the beginning of the second phone call I was ready to say goodbye to your service and walk away from something I felt passionate about.

So if your a constant blogger and want to give it something personal buy your url from they currently have domains for $.99 plus an $.18 charge making it just over a dollar for a FULL YEAR, and then it’s just $9.99 every year after that… NOT BAD!  check them out

and don’t forget my new url


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