Weekend Re-Cap 3.14 till 3.17

Weekend Re-Cap from Friday 3.14 till 3.17.2014
I got out of work Friday at 4:30 pm and that when my weekend started!
Friday 3.14.14:
I get out of work at 4:30 and get picked up by Connor & Daddy, since Connor had a doctors appointment at 3pm. Yeah that made this day a little interesting to say the least. Then we are off to the store… must get things for dinner… yum food then it was home we went to make food and well send these little ones to bed.
Saturday 3.15.2014
I wake up early with the boys sleeping in until 08:30 am on the weekends and kayden sleeping in until 08:00 gives me an extra amount of sleep, not much but enough to keep up with them through out the day. Around 9:30 am their Aunt or Grandmother usually calls to see if they can kidnap the older boys which is totally fine with me they go 6 days without seeing them and enjoy the two hours of pure play time they get away from mum-ma and brother. At this point I put little man down and clean house (and this is done many times on the weekends since I’ve got a home of three boys) along with a road trip to daddy’s work since he left his cell phone at home and forgot to sign paperwork that needed to be done before banking that day. Later the older boys come home and we spend sometime together before getting ready to meet daddy down town to get some things from cat food to regular things we needed. Then we priced Lorne a laptop since the kids de-keyed his other one his mother loaned him, CRAZY! Going to look into getting it fixed though. I tested a Chromebook and it SUCKED! I don’t recommend it to anyone unless you plan on just playing on Facebook and doing email.

Sunday 3.16.2014:

Well this day started EARLY, I mean just like work early because we had to leave the house by 10am to pick up my sister Katie then head off to the store to get roses and head off to Sunderland where we picked up my other sister Crystal to head off to Nana’s grave site *blogged about this already* very emotional trip but well worth it honestly. Then after we headed off to a party at my cousins house. Then it was meet daddy at the store to return the Chromebook and get a few more things that were needed like my new kicks since my last set meet the dumpster after being worn for like three years straight.  
Monday 3.17.2014
Well this day started like the normal work day except the boys didn’t go to school and I didn’t go to work, we said bye’s to daddy then we hung out before going to the grocery store to get dinner, then of course we picked up Aunty Katie and went to Old Navy to get some shirts for the Parade in Holyoke this weekend, which is awesome since I’ve never been nor have my children. Then we snuck off to my dad’s then it was home to make my first ever Corn Beef & Cabbage dinner and man was it yummy. Then it was bed time for us all after an intense episode of WWE RAW… like wow!
Friday’s Photo’s: 
Me in the morning Rocking my Bruin’s & Carhartt 
 Food shopping with those four

 I’m a Dunkin’ kinda gal

Saturday’s Photo’s: 
 Kisses for this little guy

 Morning cuddles before breakfast & visits

 Petting Blacky or Paws he’s got two names


we road tripped to daddy and did some banking

 windows down, sunroof open and shades on!

 playing while cooking lunch

 SNAPCHAT *BellaWhiskey289* ADD ME *Lunch Date*

 quick tubby

 yeah that’s my son!

visiting with their cousin

love those boys!

 WTF the things we see and the expressions to go with it

Sunday 3.16.2014 Happy Birthday Nana (Letter to the Woman in the Grave)
I’ll share a few photos from the site others are up in the letter link is above. 
 Connor giving his grandmother a rose on her birthday

whispering it will be alright

 2 years later


 *Black n White* Granddaughter and Great Grandsons

 Father & Daughters

 he found MUD

 dropped his shades

 having a blast


 blowing out the candles

 opening gifts


Monday 3.17.2014 (St. Patrick’s Day
 {Happy St. Patrick’s Day Y’all}
I’ll share some pictures but click the link above to check out a time warp of the last two years
 Happy St. Patrick’s Day from Us to You!

 My first time cooking Corn Beef & Cabbage

Leprechaun Names! What’s yours?
Amanda- Adorable O’Gratin
Sean- Silly McBlarney
Connor- Cheerful McCheesy
Kayden- Kind McWobbles
Lorne- Lucky McNoodles


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