Saint Patrick’s Day

Happy Saint Patrick’s Day 
I am an Irish gal there isn’t no doubt about it honestly if you hadn’t pegged me one due to my red hair I’m not sure I could explain it any other way. So every year I celebrate St. Patrick’s Day yet I’ve never actually gone to the famous St. Patrick’s Day parade in Holyoke, never been not once in my life, isn’t that sad. Every year I do dress in something GREEN though! I don’t want to get pinched that’s never fun. One year I wore GREEN but no one saw it man did I have bruises. I’m going to share some photo’s from the last few years this year was very different since it happened to fall on a work day yet I was off cause my son’s school was closed for trainings seriously… Grrr oh well.
So let’s get down to the fun part PICTURES!

Me 2012
 Me 2013
 Sisters 2013 Katie & Myself

 Lorne & I 2013

 Baby Kayden

 happy baby

 My guys *2013*

 My baby & me  *2013*

 2014 My guys & my self

 I’m a little IRISH … okay I’m a lot Irish

 Kiss Me I’m Irish Socks 🙂

 Got to be me with my boots!
 cute & cuddly …

 Sisters 2014

 2014 eeeps someone isn’t happy


 My guy & myself 2014

 SnapChat with my Leprechauns

 another SnapChat with my little Leprechaun


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