Letter to the Woman in the Grave

Letter to the Women in the Grave
Dear Nana,
    Wow, it’s been two years since I’d stepped foot near your site, it’s not that I don’t love you or miss you it’s like the song say’s I Hold On … I hold on to the memories made at my dinning room table the table we sat at ever Sunday at your house for family day. I listen to that song and I Drink A Beer and think of you for all our memories. I’m so different from the last time you saw me, in fact you’d barely recognize me especially since I died those adorable red locks to a dark brown that went black, but don’t worry that beautiful red hair is coming back, slowly. After visiting your grave site in 2012 I found out I was pregnant on April 1st, talk about a fool not so funny, but he’s a handsome little man that earned the nickname “Little Red” in honor of Grandpa Weagle, he’s the first Great Grandchild to have RED HAIR! Ahhhh it’s gone to the third generation of grandchildren. I know that I haven’t been to your grave in awhile but today counts for I was able to bring your great grandchildren and they where able to share their love with you.

 This picture was from when it was your first birthday in your new resting place. It was a sad very sad day, but it was hard for me to venture back there alone with my babies since they aren’t fully understanding of everything for they still think you’ll come home to Nana’s home. Today we left you 12 dozen roses.

12 Long Stem Roses

 Your Grandson Connor holding his rose for you

placing his rose next to your headstone

after telling you he loved you he looked lost as if he was trying to find your face

Crystal talking to you before leaving you a rose

 asking if Nana was going to come home

 2 years later


 NANA & Grandpa!

 Sissy Katie & I at your grave

 kisses, freezing and trying not to cry

 Dad and his daughters (missing Diana, Ashley, & Victoria)

 You came through the tree’s to say hi

 Nana’s Girls!

 Sean, Connor, Kayden and myself … (they really where confused)

 Dear Nana,
We love you, we miss you, to you a yellow rose to embrace those sunny days

Dad & Crystal & Myself
So let’s see what else is new besides the new addition to the grandkids… I got a full time job at UMass in Human Resources, I love it there I hope to make a career out of it, I can see myself going far there. I got myself a Yukon XL Denali that dad calls a mini school bus, that was fun to try to get through the gate at the grave site, wasn’t built for big vehicles, but we got in and to you! My babies are in preschool and they are just growing up so fast it’s hard to believe that Sean will be six, Connor is three and Kayen will be two. Lorne left Walgreen’s and the Fire Department and works full time at Balise and well the hours kind of suck but that’s okay we have learned to deal.
Well that’s all for now … I’ll be sure to visit again this year.
R.I.P Nana
please don’t forget the letter I wrote to you that you took to the grave.
Dear Nana,
Please forgive me for being so hot headed when I couldn’t get along with dad and taking it out on my family by keeping myself away from you all. I know these past few years have been amazing as we reunite and become a family again. I know that I wasn’t always there but I’m here now and I’m telling you that I love you but it’s time for you to go home to be with your sister, your mother and your father and most importantly your husband. I’ll cry but I will be alright, we are a strong family we are your family.
Love always your granddaughter moo


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