Graco & the added 1.8 Million

So awhile back I shared concern over Graco’s Recall that claimed more than 3.8 Million car-seats… which was posted in this blog post Graco’s 3.7 Million Re-call and now scrolling through my facebook feed WGGB 40 has an post about them adding more recalls and that The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration want’s Graco to add another 1.8 million infant seats to the recall because they have the same buckles. My first thoughts where honestly why weren’t they in the first recall if they have the same harness and buckle system, really seriously did you think any differently about a babies car seat than to a toddlers car seat? I’m a parent that has a preschooler that is still in a car seat but his is forward facing. So now to more research on this and make sure that my friends and family that just had babies that didn’t get hand me down car seats or had them prior to the recall are aware, so please feel free to pass on the news this is life saving and important.


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