I’m in SHOCK!

So this morning on my way to work and dropping off the kids my husband and I engaged in some newsly conversation and well this one is haunting me since I’ve personally been there THREE times in the past six years. We had been talking and some how news was brought up and he questioned me if I’d heard the news about Cooley Dickinson Hospital Childbirth and what had happened, while in a daze I said no I hadn’t which was the truth I mean I didn’t watch the news but apparently this was all over facebook as well.
Apparently a young baby (A NEWBORN) had died while in care of CDH Nursing staff, with a very dismay look on my face and utter horror as I’d had three deliveries their myself I began questions why, what, and how and to my knowledge now I’m not the only one who’s questioning this either, from what’s been said a state wide investigation is being brought down on Cooley Dickinson Hopsital and The Childbirth Center. I’m glad somethings being done but I want more to the story, from what had been said CDH stated that they need stronger communication, so wait are you telling me that the baby died from lack of staff communication (especially during shifts) really you’re a hosipital that should be a key thing right there. I feel for the parents who had to endure such a loss. According to the links below the baby was born as a stillborn yet won’t releve information due to privacy issues basically using HIPPA which is a legal binding rule stating that they can’t release information about patients and incidents that have happened to patients. So now we are really left to question and wonder.
So to try to get some more answers beside the gossip running a muck on facebook, since people who’ve shared theses links below have private pages I can’t share what’s been said or questioned but I can share the coverage that WGGB 40 Coverage did along with MassLive Coverage and The Daily Gazzett Coverage with you.

I’m left questioning
Why an investigation to a stillborn birth?
What happened?
Was their complications in the pregnancy?
Was their complications in delievery that caused this tragic loss?
Why was their statements made about communication of the infant child?


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