Throwback Thursday

Wow it’s that time again … Thursday when we sit there and reflect on our life, our past.

 So let’s look at mine …. going back to 2008 & further!

Preggo Belly *Sean’s pregnancy 4.27.09*

I was roughly 4/5 months pregnant

Preggo Belly *Connor’s Pregnancy 2010*

I was roughly 5 months pregnant in this photo 

Preggo Belly *Kayden’s Pregnancy 2012*

I believe I was 6/7 months pregnant in this photo (I was HUGE) 
Then if we look at other photos I found these fun snip duds of my life … 

Me way back in the day with my mom, her dad, & my baby sis…. 1991 & later years of course my childhood 

My best friend and myself in the photo booth at the Hadley Mall *2010* 

These photos are amazing time capsules that will always make me smile. 

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