Weekend Re-Cap

Well my weekends almost over so I’ll start punching this re-cap up. My weekend started Friday at exactly 12:15 when my sons preschool can’t seem to understand my sons doing these things for attention and it’s his way of testing buttons. So after getting home and getting him situated I took the time to have a little down time and rest, while resting UMass Amherst called me and well at first it was me getting in trouble except to my shock it was a call about a job application that I sent in and them offering me a job interview, I gladly accepted and anxiously awaiting for the weekend to hurry up get over with so that Wednesday would come.

Saturday was the normal in my household, the older boys go up to Aunty’s & Grammies and Connor did two nights accident free potty training while sleeping and all day after a very successful week at school, I’m such a proud mum-ma right now. I of course was silly and needed to venture downtown to get a few things, crazy me it was the day of the “Blarney Blowout” *check back for that to have link to the post I’m working on for that, I got some crazy photo’s and well turns out UMass students sure know how to cause trouble, not that I’m saying ALL of them did I’m just saying the majority of them did with their antics. Later that night we had our cousin up with her son and enjoyed some pizza.

Sunday was a carefree day with me shopping a little in prep for Wednesday interview and to thirst my desire for my new hobby “Loom” a way to make bracelets, pretty fun actually. I spent most of the day with the older boys doing loom as little man was all about daddy which was fine, the boys got a little bored and hung with their cousin before he left to go back to school. Then I ran downtown to get dinner with their other cousin and they spent time with daddy.

Monday I had off due to Jury Duty yet that was canceled so after that I went got breakfast, picked up my sister who needed saving since well she was in need of saving, then we pit stopped at dad’s house to see the pups before heading off to the Mall to get something adorable yet professional to wear to my job interview that was later this coming week.

Now for the fun PICTURES!

Friday Morning Snuggles with Little Man

 Friday Morning Hugs with Chunk Monk
 Sleepy Time *Naptime* Kayden naps so I napped!

 Friday after hearing that I got a job interview with UMass Amherst for a Full Time Benefited Position!

 Friday night the night we got fishes for the fish tank & Seanie Bear decided to check out the Ferrets *wanted one too* Dad said NO! Waaa

 Friday night kisses 

 Nothing more important in my life than these three little guys they are all i’ll ever need!

 Side tracked watching Mickey Mouse Clubhouse on Disney Jr. 
 Cell Phone Family Photo!


 You can bet your bottom dollar that I’m not one of those pretty little plastic gals that need someone to pump my gas, I can handle my own in this crazy world!
 Silly little me *tongue* 
 Little Man doing some arts & crafts 

 Little Man checking out the new fishes 

 Smiles for happiness

 Smiles and pup’s! 

 Chunky Monkey and his loom bracelet

 Seanie Bear and his loom bracelet

 Mine *My cousin made it*

 I made this one!

 & this one!

 & this one too!

 then this one!

 then even this one!

 what a dork sporting my first creation!

 Sunday Cuddles *Daddy & his boys!*

 Chunky Monkey and his daddy! 

 Da Grump on Sunday!

 Bruins Babe since 1989! Born & Raised Baby!

 Everyone meet ZOE *yawn*

 She’s such a cutie 

 Kisses at Dad’s house!

 *Snapchat* BellaWhiskey289  (went shopping with that clown)

 Monday after Jury Duty (the oops that wasted a day(=)

 more kisses from Zoe aka MOO


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