Dodge vs Dodge

Alright so Saturday night early Sunday am when the bar closed I noticed a Instagram follower/friend stuck and no joke he was hung up axle and all (frozen snowbank vs lifted ford y’all do the math) so I offer tell help was told they fine… cool deal family turns ride fight breaks out that’s a story for another day but my husband said I shouldn’t have bothered to offer a hand… okay cool good to know, cause if it was me in that predicament I would have been stuck… pay it forward as they say or do on to others as you’d want to be treated. So let’s fast forward to MONDAY NIGHT, no joke my brilliant husband parks half on a snowbank half on ice. No lie no joke it’s 21:00 freezing and windy… I’m already in bed, my friend just left so he thought okay time to move my truck… Yup he moved it alright two inches. That brilliant man of mine got his truck stuck in ways I couldn’t help but laugh at.

So after his failed attempt … I tried and after ten minutes I had given in and well said let’s go check your cell for he’d had texted for help from the cousin next door low and behold they where up and able to help… they got him unstuck thank our lucky stars. 
Pictures below 

my old SUV 

ooops! tire is balding, and I’m digging a rut 

’03 Durango vs ’04 Durango that was a fun stand off … bah hahaha 


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