Root Canals and Cavities

Root Canals and Cavities 
these two go hand and hand

The fun of visiting the dentist is when they tell you that you’ve got a cavity and that they suggest a root canal. Oh the joys of a massive heart attack and the fear of wondering if the health insurance covers this massive task at hand. When you’ve got dental threw the government you assume they’d cover it and what ever measures needed to get the job done, nope WRONG, they are horrible and there ways of approaching things are just as worse. I don’t care how much time you spend brushing your teeth or flossing you’ll still get a damn cavity, I faithfully did it and wound up loosing a tooth after two pregnancies from calcuim loss. So with that Masshealth and their lovely ways wouldn’t pay for much cause I turned 21. Gotta love becoming an adult in their system. But after talking about that with my mother I was surffing the facebook feed and saw THESE two articles. Check them out…. I did I thought it to be pretty interesting.

How To Heal Cavities

Dangers of Root Canals



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