Living with Cold Sores

Living with … 
    Cold Sores… 
     accepting it

I’m 25 years young, for as long as I can remember I’ve always had cold sores, something I’d get from stressing out, something I’d get from over chapped lips, and my all time new favorite something I’d get if I consume too much citrus stuff (Orange Juice, Tomatoes *straight up*, and well you get the idea) and well over this past week I suffered from a cold sore that also caused an allergic reaction to the side of my face breaking out. So I’ve had really bad outbreaks but I’ve never, NEVER once given it to anyone let alone spread it. You’ve got to realize that cold sores is a dormant virus that comes and goes on it’s time. I’ve gotten good at limiting the stress in my life that would possibly cause an outbreak, except when I get a little silly and drink something that has Orange Juice in it and oh I’ve also learned that falling asleep with lip gloss on will set up a flair off as well.

I’m sure some are asking what a Cold Sore is so below is a link to what a cold sore is along with my simple little idea of what I experience.

Cold Sores something that causing itching, burning stinging and red irritation with ooze that is highly contagious if spread to other people, they are blisters around the lip and mouth area, can be spread to genetals if not careful. Cold Sores are easy to spread with lack of caution, affect people with sensitive skin in worse ways.


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