Aunty Nicky’s Visits

So yesterday while at work I get Facebook messaged from my best friend from high school, my maid of honor, the girl who knows like everything about me. She is practically my sister and she’s the god mother to all three of my children no matter what anyone says she’s been there for me threw all three of my pregnancies. She’s also the aunt to my boys.

I wasn’t more excited to leave work Thursday and gather my things head out the door and grab my kids and fly home. Mainly cause I knew that we’d be having company. After all the house was inspected too …. ooo can’t wait for the changes that are coming in that area. 
We got home at 17:15 and company arrived at 17:30 and stayed till about 12:00 before parting knowing we’d be seeing one another in a few hours for Saturdays outing. 
(Nicky with her god son’s) 2.27.14

timber …. playing with Aunty Nicky

then Friday was crazy… last day if the month…. and anxious to get myself outta work and home so the boys can visit more with their Aunt. Also knowing that Friday was also the EOM at Balise wasn’t making Friday feel any better but having the added company surely did help. 
Sadly no photos of Fridays fun … we basically ate dinner, watched some t.v with the kids sent them to bed and plotted out tomorrow’s fun. 
Saturday came quick and Aunty was excited to see her boys. I didn’t mind Saturday since this time the older boys where off to Grammies and Aunty’s up the hill, had given me time do re-clean the house in time for company. Kayden where of course was my little helper and took a nap before everyone arrived. 

100% posed picture … baby bottle was completely EMPTY!!!!

of course if you wanna see the fun from the night down at The O’s for the Mark Snow Band (click here). 
Come Sunday … lol a very hungover Aunty and a mum-ma who drank a drink with orange juice unrealizing it and broke out with a nasty cold sore and hives talk about fun. NOT! But Sunday was a lazy day. 

the breakfast we enjoyed (yummy)

the lunch we got to enjoy too

we didn’t take many photos for some silly reason … oh wait I that’s right I was too busy laughing and suffering from hives 

THEN MONDAY!!!! a small visit right after school and an accidental mum-ma moment where I forgot we have a school meeting … ooops. 
TUESDAY!!!! Aunty’s last day with down in Mass. 
She spent the day with me and the boys, she dropped them off with me to school then we ran off to Brueggers Bagels then back to the preschool to get Kayden cause she was the good guy his check up then it was off to drop him off then home to chill and well say far well until next time …. 
all let the pictures do the rest of the talking 

Aunty Nicky with the cookies (Teddy Graham’s)

Aunty Nicky walking with the big boy (looking too cute)

Aunty Nicky picking up her boys from school (oh how they melted her heart)

Aunty Nicky and her boys (3.4.2014)

My sis and me (sad)

Can’t wait till our next visit!!!!

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