Mark Snow Band & The O’s

On Saturday Night the Mark Snow Band had a gig at The O’s, my friends and family we chose to go support papa Snow.

That night was crazy insane cause the band was awesome and ended on a bad note, due to family getting extremely drunk, way to go me for being the sober one that’s called names when trying to help people out. Go figure I’m the nice one that gets upset after family publicly humiliate me cause they where drunk and can’t think. Well besides that let’s get to fun part the pictures and all the people I got to see and hey meet. It was cool cause I meet an Instagram follower who happens to have a sick lifted truck. 

The lovely Shauna & myself 

My Cousin Phil (he’s an awesome dude)

The DRUNK and myself (she’s awarded herself that name) 

Pete and myself (farmer buds) 

Georgy and myself (Old Bar Bouncer, Co-Worker now)

My Cousin Ron (A SLACKER and farm owner) and myself 

we like tongue (lol we are nutty bunch) my sisters and cousin 

Emily: every girl to the right of this woman was a student in her class and she surprised us by being at the bar it made the night epic because to her we are still innocent angels 

(Farm Gals) Yeah we are the classics at the Pig Roasts every year!!!! Woot woot 2014’s gonna be amazing

Ron & his fiancé & his crazy cousin 

Us … lol Ron & myself (we silly) 

She’s very drunk & pictures are awesome cause they never remember them 

Big Mike and myself this is my sister Katie’s Fiancé (he hates photos unless drunk cause then he don’t care) 

being smushed cause I’m the gal with the camera and the people I chill with love the camera 

Pool (we yet again love the pool table)

the girls minus one 😦 waaaa that’s unfair 

even dad showed up & he got drunk as well woot woot (so not fun) 

Katie, Mike & myself yeah dancing with drunks and pictures don’t work well (lmfao) 

PHOTOBOMBED BY A DRUNK hahahaha gotta love her 

Cousin’s up …. let’s get this 

now we wate (ha ha ha kisses in the background) 

well … lol she’s drunk, and yeah I’m just thrilled … bah hahaha I was actually laughing cause it’s total pay back 

the end of the night helping me get my drunk (very sick) sister in my SUV… lol 

Papa Snow & Myself 

Note to remember: DON’T DRINK OJ you’re allergic to it and you suffer from it. 
other than that the band was awesome and the bar was a rocking and the people where amazing. 

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