The Following (On Fox)

The Following a series that started up last year on Fox right after my beloved BONES which was cool except creepy scary since it premiered at 21:00 back in 2013.

I’m always into thriller crime shows as you can tell by what I watch, don’t worry I’m not a hard core criminal I used to inspire about becoming a marine cop like in NCIS the ones who investigate and stuff. But those dreams changed with my children’s births. So now I watch the dramas of them. 
The Following is an awesome show about a FBI agent on a man hunt for a serial killer who killed someone very close to him, of the course of the season we get close to catching and killing him but like every good show there are loose ends and twists that keep us in suspense.
In the start of season two we learn that he’s retired and come a professor who’s changed and turned a leaf and quit drinking yet he’s got some lovely neat hidden toys in a very neat locked down office in his apartment it’s basically his one man FBI, CIA headquarters place. He’s basically on a one man manhunt for a serial killer who’s believed to be dead except he’s got FOLLOWERs as to which the name to the show comes in to play. 

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