Troublesome Tuesday

Wow … this first day back to work face me a whole new outlook on life and work, pretty sad actually. But since the first days over let’s get down to the fun recapping the lovely crazy lazy weekend I just with my kids.

Friday was like any normal evening…minus I went and got my brows done so I didn’t look funny, then it was home to bed since I had a killer headache that only appeared to be getting worse instead of better… oh the joys of me. 
Saturday came at it’s normal time and I woke up and couldn’t breathe, thank you sinus congestion… plus a little man that couldn’t keep from falling and one who was just pure fussy. So that was a lazy cuddle day with my babies. It was so lazy we ordered take out so I wouldn’t have to suffer and cook and wound up with a fever over 101 which sucked along with my middle man who’s usually high spirited and hyper. (Click Here)
Sunday came and it came early, my boys played with dad while I took another dose of medication and rested until about 9:00 that way I could function and yet I needed to make way to town so I contacted my mother and sought assistance since I wasn’t a 100% and well neither was she but that’s okay we are a team. So we did what we had to do and I made this day a 100% productive. Even had the kids in bed by 18:30/19:00 and had some down time. 
Now for the best part… Pictures…

Starting with Friday’s photos if I’ve got them … lol 

Spoiled… breakfast brought to me at work

I Spy Trevor!!!! (he’s the machanic)

CAKE…. yummy!!!!


woke up looking like this … sometimes I love flat hair sometimes I hate it 

very lazy day attire 

Ouchies & Booboo’s 

freezing and under the weather

faces with chunky monkey 

dinner … even if I wasn’t feeling too hot

the day that was super productive

passed out on way to store 

Sean passed out on the way to the store 

Kayden anxious to get out of the car seat 

Pepsi Easter Bunny Display (yes it’s also at Big Y this is Stop & Shop though)

Tubby Time 

everyone “Yell Dad” 

cuddles after boo boo 

rough housing and fell on his face 😦 my poor baby 

walking with my babies to the store Sean ran ahead with Grandma Fuller and they took photos of us 

So well that was my weekend … hope you enjoyed I know I did.


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