Uh Oh Saturdays Troubles

So as a parent you practically fear every little ouchie and boo boo that they manage to obtain through out their livelihood, as a parent three times round it still makes me shriek and shrill when my little ones get hurt or are under the weather.

So when today arrived I wasn’t expecting it be anything like how it went… when I awoke I was in pain and nothing light of a nasty migraine that didn’t give it only made this beautiful day look horrible and well my little man didn’t have the greatest day either and I can’t say the same for my Chunk Monk for he was just as under the weather as me.

My morning started at the bright and shiny 07:00 and lead to me cuddling and chilling with my little man till I learned that when I went to get him a sippy he slipped his diaper off and well messed his bed yeah that was crazy and well I’m kind of glad he wasn’t like his brothers when it came to that, ha ha ha.

It wasn’t until 09:00 that we headed downstairs to spend more time and have fun with one another with toys and t.v. shows since this mum-ma wasn’t heading outside even if it wasn’t bad out and it was amazing outside and with that it was just enough to realize this day was going to be one of the biggest cuddle days of our lives. As we all where having fun playing and giggling I never realized how much my children has obtained my accident prone side of me until my youngest did a uh oh that shockingly had me calm cool and collective until the swelling started and he wouldn’t let me near his mouth or face.

So when push came to shove this little man’s a trooper he fought threw the pain and took it like a champ to keep up with his brothers that where non-stop going that day…

-Some Pictures of the ouchie-
Right after the Fall 
very swollen upper lip

catching his boundaries 


Nap time with his protector 


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