A Typical Day in the SLACKER Home

I’m going to give some insight to how my life goes on a daily basis. Because I’m trying to work on a better schedule not only for myself but for my family as well.

So let’s break down EVERY DAY OF THE WEEK. Yeah that’s right it’s gonna get pin point exact. 
This doesn’t go for holidays or birthdays then the schedule gets messed up 

Every Sunday (unless it’s Lorne’s Day Off) starts at a lovely 07:00 if we are lucky, they sometimes start at the balming 06:30. The husband usually let’s me go back to sleep until 07:30 which never ever happens I usually lay in bed and blog or play words with friends lately. I then venture my way down the stairs to see three little guys pig piled on dad eating breakfast and watching cartoons. We hang until dad has to leave at 10:00 then it’s my time with the boys.
We play with their cars, blocks and anything they want to share with me for I let them choose what we’ll do with of course limitations.
Around the time daddy leaves it’s usually an up roar in my house for every little boy is sad and screaming daddy don’t leave, they don’t see him much during the week day between work and school. 
Depending on the Sunday of the month determines where or not we venture off to the store for food shopping since we try to keep a tight schedule during the week.
Then it’s home for dinner around 18:30/19:00 for daddy to eat with us and that’s always fun because after dinner it’s baths and bed starting with little man since he’s usually in bed for 20:00. The older boys are in bed for 20:30. 
Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, & Thursday: Oh the joys of the beautiful Five Day School and Work Week
The day starts at a balming 05:25 with my later alarms to follow, yes I’ve got many alarms since I’m not a great morning person and well that’s a bad trait some of my children have picked up. I get up and shower if I haven’t showered the night before (usually when I braid my hair for waves) and then get dressed, start my suv up so that it warms up so we don’t get into a freezing vehicle, help finish get the kids ready since we have to be out the door at 07:30 to get everyone to work and school on time.
Then it’s 08:00-17:00 for school for the boys while I put in a 08:30-16:30 work shift
After getting the boys for 17:00 it’s home by 17:30 and inside where we stick the school stuff away and get ready for dinner at 18:30 then it’s baths at 19:30 and bed by 20:00 since we have to repeat this day again Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday.
Except my husband works 08:30 till 18:00 Monday and Tuesday the rest of the week it’s crazy hours like Wednesday his hate day of 09:00 till 21:00 and Thursday 12:00 till 21:00 and I like Friday he has it OFF

Friday (End of the Work Week): Oh the happiest day of my life! Every week!
The day starts like Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday at that lovely balming 05:25 yet I usually hit snooze the first few times since it’s the day I know I’m not driving to work. Then it’s shower and get ready if I hadn’t of course showered the night before and since it’s Friday it’s a LAZY WORK DAY meaning casual attire and I’m all for that. I can’t however wait for spring. Then it’s help finish getting the kids ready for school load us up and off to the normal day we share. This is of course the day I loan my SUV to my husband since it’s bigger and has a bigger trunk space and we are still buying pellets for our stove it’s just easier to put it in mine. Then it’s off to drop the kids off for 08:00 and me for 08:30 and it’s awesome cause I’m still there before my co-workers and I like that. Then it’s the normal day for the boys at school and normal work shift for myself and Friday our weekend starts at exactly 16:30 when I’m picked up from work and for the boys 16:45 since I’m not walking fifteen minutes to my suv 🙂 and then to get them. Depending on the Friday if it’s a mum-ma pay day or not we try to take the kids to get a special dinner even if it’s something at the store they really want. We are usually home by 18:30 and we get to unload and eat by 19:00 and then it’s baths and cartoons for a little bit since little man goes to bed at 19:30 that night and the big boys go to bed at 20:30 since they get to actually see their daddy. Then we follow shortly behind them since the hub’s has to work.

Saturday (the day the kids usually visit family):
Sean & Connor usually visit Aunty & Grammy if it isn’t Kayden’s turn!
Welcome to SATURDAY the first FULL DAY OF the WEEKEND! Yay we are usually all up by a nice balming 06:30 thanks to my husbands schedule and little man of course but I don’t mind this is when me and little man get to cuddle and watch cartoons in my room until 07:30 when we make way downstairs right before dada leaves for work I try to plan it so he doesn’t cry so much when he leaves but I occasionally fail since I think he’s gone and is really quiet in the kitchen… ooops! Then it’s wake the babies up for 08:00 and get them ready for their trip to Aunty’s and Grammy’s since they go from like 09:00/09:30 till about 14:30/15:00 and that’s fine with me I get cleaning and housework done and I get to have special time with each of them. I’m going to hopefully get it so over the summer Aunty & Grammy takes Sean or Connor for over nights since they are very happy to be seeing them. Then they are home and we prep dinner together and take baths then once dad gets home eats and then it’s cartoons and bed since we’ve all usually had a long and fast paced day. Little man follows the same weekday schedule on Saturday just because it’s easier.

So that’s my week… I’m now this coming month trying to find time to put in a workout of at least thirty minutes. Plus at night you’ll find everyone in the house who’s got cell phones puts it on SILENT, no ringtone, no sound as they go on the charger for the next day’s use. I’m very for a quiet night with some t.v. before bed. Plus every night during baths I’m studying which is a good 30/45 minutes because hubby does bathtime Sunday, Monday, Tuesday and Saturday while I tackle the Thursday, Friday fun and then the baths they get during the day Saturday and Sunday since it’s always bound to happen my kids love the water.

So if you’ve got any idea’s on how to help my family and myself get on a better schedule that would be great right now it’s up at or around 05:25 and to bed by unwillingly these days 22:00 or even worse 23:00. I’m trying to go to bed earlier so I’m not as tired in the morning and so that I can make use of the sleep hours. I’m thinking of 30 minute workout before bed and shower then quick study session then off to dream land. E-mail me at amanda.hatt@outlook.com or leave comments below!


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