Whaaa the Fffff

Okay so this morning when talking to my husband about the weather and telling him the night before it was to snow he reassured me this am it was only going to rain, that’s when my co-worker came into the office and sarcastically said “it’s beautiful out there” that didn’t come off appealing it had both me and my co-worker racing for the outside … ugh it was well SNOWING and it was coming down pretty good. 

Huge Snowflakes that started at like 12:00 noon 

when I came into work there was a walk way it was plowed … waaa 

Uhm so the weather people didn’t get the forecast wrong did they… lol
New England 
Chance of rain = Snow Showers 
Chance of snow = Blizzard 
Heat =  Humidity
Humidity = Dry Heat Wave
Chance of sleet = freezing rain with snow
yeah nothing will ever be said correctly in New England y’all should get used to that fact. 
“if ya don’t like the weather wait five minutes it’ll change” 


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