Blog Updates!!!!

Blog Updates!!!!

So yesterday I decided that this blog needed a new look and feel and well that’s what I did all last night with Blogger crashing a billion times it didn’t get completed.
I can share what I’ve done though!
What’s Been Done:
  • New Header
  • Pages section has been moved
  • New Layout
  • New Features that include (lables, follow by e-mail, and search this blog)
What’s to Come:
  • Three New Pages
  • More Photo’s
  • Page Updates
I’m hoping that this will be the last time I change besides the normal photo’s swaps. I’ll try to post when I update pages so that you can navigate to different articles faster and easier. I’m trying to get a much feedback as possible. I’d like to turn this blogging into a every day short of post even if it’s something simple and silly.
Welcome to my life, my story with my family!


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