Valentines Day 2014

Happy Valentines Day Y’all!

Valentines Day 2014 was awesome I had three little guys to buy for and of course the big silly hubby. It was fun we decided this year less candy more toys & practical things for us it was sippy cups. 
So the boys had no school thanks to nasty weather but it wasn’t what we planned on for a day either. I woke up to a delayed start to UMass and well for that day I’ll blog later. I was then only able to work till 1pm due to baby sitter constraints since two hours before having to go to work daycare closes (like really) oh well I managed get to work explain that and it was okay. But my oldest had an appointment at 2:45 for his eye since it was swollen and red which meant dad was getting outta work no matter WHAT!!!! I said so it was his day off but since it snowed and Balises apparently scare their employees strategie I well figured out something’s, yet that’s for another blog entry. 
So on with the fun PICTURES OF VALENTINES DAY!!!! 

Handsome little man napping on his daybed 
Chunky Monkey got to cuddle with me 

Hubby’s Gifts 

Seanie Bears Gifts 

Chunky Monkeys Gifts 

Little Mans Gifts 

Mum-ma’s Gifts (never have I ever gotten a card with a name on it from him or the kids lol) 

two new bangles from Alex & Ani 

“Love Birds & Because I Love You”

well hope you enjoyed as much as we did … 
Oh before I leave this was my snap to everyone 

Seanie Bear & Mom

Chunky Monkey & Mummy 

Little Man & Mum-ma 


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