Sunday Sledding

So this past weekend we went sledding with my sister and her family while my youngest went to Aunty’s and Grandma’s since they’ve missed him  treamediously.

So when it came down to it we went to Facebook yes sadly to get ideas on where to go sledding and people where spouting off places in Northampton and Hadley but we wanted to stick near home just cause of time and all. So low and behold off Facebook we chatted and said wildwood by the tennis courts and softball field no harm sledding there and well it was crazy awesome cause of the snowbanks being pushed up making it a triple hill if you could sled that far and well we got some air with some sleds and man it was awesome. People where nice there too 🙂 which made it more fun and well then with us and sledding a snow ball fight always happens. Well enough of these rambling words time for some picture fun. 
PHOTO’s {2.16.2014}

Location: Wildwood
Town: Amherst 

my nephew who took to the slopes before is since they live five away it was easier for them to get there 

the look of utter oh holy crap what did I get myself into 

we drive beasts … 1996 Yukon to the far back to the 2006 Yukon up close and in front (sisters we drive the same) 

he he he yeah I’m plotting 

ultimately ending up with this for my plot 

which ended there … lmfao to cute and too funny those two 

my turn and yeah the snow bank was so high up we all had to duck to sled since the kids found this spot and wouldn’t move it’s all good we had fun 

my view climbing back up the mountain of snow 

my babies enjoying sledding 

as much as the family in one shot (standing too close) 

I climbed in the tree {bad Amanda bad} 

great spot for sneaking pictures though 

just chilling catching wind {sledding with kids takes a lot outta ya} 

ha ha ha the teddy bear Mikey 

Lydia giving Seanie bear a boost in the butt to get up the hill lol 

sniped ya sis :p bah hahahaha evil me

kisses and duck faces before duck face was a duck face (lamesauce)

Chunky monkey and Lydia just waiting to go down the hill 

sniping pictures of people and myself :p bah hahaha he hates his photo taken 

idk what’s happening here … meeting of the minds perhaps 

don’t ask just giggle 

planning our joint trip down :this was crazy: 

the whole crew I think 

Chunky Monkey sledding down after Seanie Bear and nephew Jacob 

chunky monkey goes pretty far down there he gets that from me (ewe no nasty jokes your pervs) 

I’m a snow bunny I love the snow 

bah hahahaha it’s make expressions shot 

standing guard for chunk monk to make he travels down the steep steep part 

back up the hill they went 

yeah that’s my boy no sledd just ski pants … lmfao yeah we is a weird bunch 

me after sledding bright red ears, red nose, and rosey cheeks 

walking in the snow to get the sleds 

nothing like a SPEED HUMP :p 

well that’s all for this past sledding trip hopefully there will be more … keep a watch I’m usually up to no good with that speed hump as my partner n crime but then again we never get in trouble cause we always good! 

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