Keeping Fit 30 Day Challenge {The Squat}

We’ll it’s that lovely time of the year… it’s the everyone’s freaking out over the fall and winter weight gain just in time for those spring and summer days to strut in a sexy skimpy bikini, alright I again fibbed everyone is dying to suntan and flaunt off their sexy bods. Yeah I’d love to hear it’s all about getting fit and keeping healthy but we really know it’s cause no one is truly happy with themselves. 

So let’s talk SQUAT CHALLENGE!
30 Day Squat Challenge
Alright EVERYONE’s talking about this squat challenge so this mother is gonna attempt this challenge, this image was found on google as many other versions of this are there. 
So from this picture makes squats look easy… Waaa I’m uneasy for this to be honest I haven’t tried this let alone am sure how to do this… what do you just squat like taking a number to and hold it a few then repeat… lmfao yeah call me a newbie at this but I’m gonna do more research and start this next month. Who’s WITH ME?!

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