Snow Day 2.13.2014

On February 13, 2014 at 04:48 I got an automated text message stating the the UMass Amherst will be closed. Boy did my heart skip a beat and jump for JOY! I was thrilled yet saddened in a way but that’s okay. 

So as I got a day off and was anxiously watching to see when my children’s school would close I was getting more furious as the day went on since they weren’t clear period and that annoys me more than anything. But eventually it came down to it at 10:00 am they finally decided to close. Yet my husbands place of employment I swear is dumber than a box of rocks and that say’s something. He got out early but they shouldn’t have had him go in. He left at 10:30 to get home around 3:30 his shift was originally 12-9 but with the weather he wanted to get their on time. 

So now the FUN … Pictures cause who want’s to honestly READ about a SNOW DAY… honestly not me… 

Snow Day February 13, 2014:


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