Weekend Wrap-up

 {Weekend Wrap-Up Feb. 7th thru Feb. 9th}
for my weekend started at 16:20 on Friday the 7th.

To be honest this weekend wasn’t much of a weekend since we sadly lost a very beloved woman two years ago who’d been in my life since before my birth (My Nana)
So for this let’s start with the lovely Friday that we were all so eager to get to the end so we could have some FAMILY TIME.
The start for my day always is 05:25 except well I got up at 06:45 and well that made us run a little late… I got to work at 08:29 and in my office at exactly 08:30 I’m usually the first one on the site for my office. Kids had school till 17:00 and with me getting out at like 16:20 yet had to wait in the cold till 16:35 for my ride we decided to take the kids out to dinner. We picked them up by 16:45 and headed off to Belchertown for some Wong Garden … yum yum except when I got home I wasn’t feeling so great so I went to bed. LAME FRIDAY NIGHT since the kids went to bed as soon as we got home.
Well my day started at a balming 06:30 with the over eager Kayden and following him was Sean at 07:00 which wasn’t bad we all curled up in bed watching cartoon’s until 08:00 when we decided to venture down stairs and wake up Connor. Then we called up to Grandma’s & Aunty’s since they’d been asking since they found out when they’d be going. They got picked up at 09:15 and were gone until 14:00 which wasn’t bad I got to spend time with Kayden and attack the dishes, really wished I could have seen UMass show that was happening. (Okay it wasn’t really a show it was more or less National Guard Helicopters and AFD working on their training but still amazing photo’s could have been taken especially with the SNOW waaa)
That evening was spent with me and boys watching cartoons until dad got home then bed … and well I wasn’t far behind them either.  That’s kinda how my whole day was along with how my kids day was too… LAZY YET FUN.
SUNDAY: (R.I.P Nana)
Well this day started a tad bit earlier try 06:00 and well it wasn’t just one child but all three and well since I didn’t sleep well I was left upstairs (gotta love waking up and feeling like utter death) and well went down stairs two hours later to hyper kids that where shockingly  slowing down. Worked out great it was yet another mellow day for us cuddles up watching cartoons. 

I got some photos but not a lot then again I was having more fun watching them watching my favorite cartoons. 

FRIDAY’s Photos: 

Kayden checking out his seat

Connor & Sean coloring on their placemats 

that’s the dad aka the hubs (even on days off he’s stuck dealing with Balise through texts) 

Group Shot!!!!! Dunno how I did it but I did 

lol we ordered what seemed to be a lot which actually was just enough 

SATURDAY’s Photos: 

before Connor went to Aunty’s & Grandma’s he curled up with max 

since the boys went off to Grandma’s and Aunty’s Kayden and myself along with Max watched cartoons together (that was until the cats went by then they both chased the cats) 

nothing is more amusing than a box to a child 

older boys went to bed and Kayden wanted cuddles so well cuddles it was while watching Hercules on Disney Jr.

SUNDAY’s Photos: 

:SnapChat: Kayden & Me 

bubbles and me (decided to try pigtail braids and well yeah I do them every so often)

yeah it snowed that night too 😦

I love the snow just not the cold that comes with it … lol

Snow in Pelham, Mass and well yeah it was fun since they didn’t plow not sand Ahhh fun driving on few inches on snow that covered up black ice

yeah gotta say I like results of my hair in pigtail braids

Well since it was a laid back weekend wasn’t much for photos … Sorry this weekend should be a blast though. 


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