Remembering A Woman… a woman who’s life was taken too soon

Remembering a Woman
R.I.P Barbara A. Weagle (Rule)

February 2012 

*at her home during her final days*

June 2010 

Nana, her son & his kids there are two people who don’t belong 

June 2008

*Graduation for her Grandaughter ME*
My Nana Barbara was born March 16th, 1933 and lived a fulling life until her passing back on February 9th, 2012. It was that day that my life had changed and what I’d know of family would cripple beneath me and fall apart. I lost many family memebers that day for the glue and foundation of the Weagle family had passed on. She left behind her brother Don who just recently passed away this year god rest his sole, her sister Helen who’s still causing a stir in town, her two children my her daughter my Aunt Donna and her son my Father Brian, the year before her sister passed away February 13th, 2011. So there it was a day where a family that was so strong became so weak and frail. We laid my Nana to rest on February 13th 2012 the day her sister left us a year later nontheless so we in our minds knew she’d be greated at heavens gates.
So this is what I posted to my facebook

It was two years ago today that I recieved that phone call… that phone call that crippled me and my family. It was my father informing me of his mother’s passing, a woman who gave her life to those around her… for yet I was lucky enough to rekindle a relationship before her passing and share not only my life by my families lives as with her as well. For my utmost and sincere apologies didn’t go with vane yet I knew they’d not make up for complete lost time they’d had to do and they’d have to do with every chance we’d get to visit. But it was that day, that cold and bitter day in February that had me calling out of work, driving off to an open place in the woods listening to country music to prep myself for what would be the hardest few days to come by, for we no had to prepapre for a funeral service. To my beloved Nana may you rest in peace with your mother, father, sister and brother and may you rekindle that love with Grandpa in the heaves above and may you all watch down on us guiding us in the path to see you once again at heavens gates. Love always & forever your granddaughter Amanda & Family

For not only does february 9th hurt but the 13th comes in double while the passing of my aunt happened the day we layed my nana to rest the year before and before my birthday we layed my aunt to rest as well… sad sad sad… May you all above rest in peace and further watch down on us.



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