Keeping Fit 30 Day Challenge {The Plank}

We’ll it’s that time of the year… time to shed off the winter savings from Thanksgiving and Christmas from the year before just in time for those spring and summer days in the bikini, alright I lied… okay a little but more or less getting fit to be healthy and happy with myself.  
So let’s talk about the PLANK CHALLENGE!

30 Day Plank Challenge
Alright EVERYONE’s talking about this PLANK CHALLENGE so this gal got curious and googled it and got this image.  

So the picture itself looks easier right… well I’m not too sure about that for I’ve yet to true these … as I’m still trying to work all my workouts into my life and get myself on a schedule that works not only for myself but my family. So my goal is to start these in March since that’s the next month with thirty or more days once I hit 30 day’s all repeat these workouts or look for alternative challenges with the same idea or concept in keeping fit. 
So questions to my fellow bloggers and viewers that are trying this keep fit or who currently work out … do you have any ideas for a working mother to three son’s that’s usually always on the go?

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