Throw Back Thursday

Wow going back threw my photo’s really brings back some really weird memories and moments in my life where it’s got me sitting pondering What The Hell was I thinking. I mean really seriously I look back at past relationships like that too… So with that let’s do a throw back Thursday of some of those pesky nights entitled (All these photo’s are from 2010 & 2011 and people in them have changed, have left my life, have moved on in theirs and aren’t with people in these photo’s… I’ve gone threw and made sure there weren’t many of couple photo’s of people who aren’t together)

Thirsty Thursday
Freaky Friday
Slutty Saturday
Sloppy Sunday


Miss Sarah after a night of dealing with an Ass who basically played to girls
who where too much like one another and not as stupid as he looked 

My cousin and Miss Sarah the night they became something 

Apparently we took to the liquid diet very well… DAMN that’s a lot of BUD LIGHT

she loved my Grizzle *and not to sound wrong or nasty*

Peter & Miss Sarah chilling at my house with Butter Ball as she called him 

Kisses for her butter ball 

it was the first time in many years since she held a baby 

Miss Sarah and her Butter Ball 

Snuggles with Miss Sarah 


Ma, Me & Miss Sarah *Rafters*

Our Shots!

Miss Jamie & myself *Rafters*

bah ahahahaha oh the nights fun we shared 

we enjoyed goofing off while drinking 

Katelyn and myself *a girl who I know longer associate with*

the night we went bowling 🙂

causing trouble shopping 

BAR FUN *rafters*

the snobs most precious look and me smirking 

Applebee’s with Katelyn 

Smiling threw the pain of loosing my Nana R.I.P snapping a quick pic
*one of the last time’s I saw this lovely lady until I moved her & her daughter out of my deranged cousins house*

the last night that I saw this girl before she moved in with Mike

same night *she wanted me to be like her so bad … and yet I wouldn’t conform she went around telling people I wanted to be like her… bah hahahaha yeah right …*

One more PRE-GAME this time with the best

My DJ at Snowzee’s

Ange & Me at Snowzee’s *old school friends and coworkers*

Laura and me *Snowzee’s*

Laura and my lover Nicky *snowzee’s*

I know longer chat with most of these women well except Miss Sarah on occasion and well all the time with Nicky as she’s a constant in my life… and my buddy who’s the Snowzee’s DJ who also worked with me at New York & CO. and went to school with me and Nicky. My life has changed… I was shined a light to a bad way of living and given an escape with the pregnancy of my third son.


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