What a Weekend

So this past weekend was quiet the weekend with … my son just getting over being sick and my youngest teething all weekend … oh and the fun we had trying to keep everyone’s mind off it and well getting the house back to normal.

Friday … like very Friday was filled with my husband working since it was the END of the MONTH as his work and they where supposed to have a meeting which never happened thankfully and well then we brought ourselves to Saturday:

A day full of REST since my oldest and youngest went to school and my middle son didn’t since he was over coming the Flu like really not what I wanted. So we used that day to rest.

Sunday: a day of PLAY play PLAY play!

Friday Night: 

hub’s got a cute picture of me & little man snoozing away

lazy bubbles

wake up after nap time

watching the kittens play

ha ha ha Seanie Bear

ha ha ha Chunky Monkey 

bubbles and chunky monkey 

CRASHED …. yes that’s my couch 

what it’s SNOWING


Little Man and me 

Chunky Monkey and me 

Chunky Monkey, Little Man and me 🙂 

Seanie Bear and me 


snow play 

Well that wraps up my weekend… and well I’m looking forward to this crazy week …


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