Chapter 1 of 2014 Amanda’s look on the New Year

Wow, it’s February already… times flown by and with that let’s recap the last 31 days of the new year.

Goodbye January Hello February
So for most each year is a new book on my life and each month is a chapter and well I’m writing my story. So let’s entitle January Chapter One of 2014 Amanda’s look on the new year. 
I started 2014 with some sad baggage from 2013 as my little sister was stuck in a ICU in Hartford Connecticut. But for me it wasn’t the way I wanted to start the news years cause with that it started a trickle of fights from the end of December all the way into the new year, some which effected my children as selfish adults couldn’t be grown ups. On top if which I got SICK not once but twice … and each time sucked, Sinus Infection and Bronchitis then the Flu, seriously this wasn’t the start of 2014 I was expecting, I was expecting something a little different. But either way that was the start to my year. 
Each year I strive to become a better person, follow my goals, insure the health and happiness of my sons {all three of them} and make sure we are making ends meet at the end of the day. My children shouldn’t have to stress and well neither should I but life’s not like it was… six years ago when the cost of living was cheaper and I was fresh out of high school. But hey it’s life, my life to be exact and I wouldn’t change it for the world.
First of the year was priceless, a new year eve bash that had my neighbors and family members completely drunk and hungover. Yeah that was a night to remember and oh this gal has pictures [all post some]. Then shortly after was my sons 3rd birthday and boy oh boy that was a day… people should up that caused the issues, people didn’t show up to parties or call cause they couldn’t stand people [at this point it’s not about you it’s about the child suck it up & get over it… you created me with the person you hate & yes we all know you hate them but seriously to shuck it up instead of taking it out on a innocent child] but worst part was this happened to my son on his birthday his one grandma who he wanted to see and talk to, who also never called and then had a fit when no one called her on her birthday and things where said to other family members … so that’s my start but it slowly got better for my babies and my self minus I barely worked in January which isn’t good but in my husbands eyes my job isn’t important along with his family or well that’s what I feel, I work for a good place yet don’t get any benefits and it doesn’t bother me but it gives others the impression that its okay for me to miss work, so yeah it’s stressful when I’m always calling out cause no one wants to help me.  But that aside this start of the new year has been okay not perfect and not what I thought but it’s been a start… life’s life and we go with punches.

In the first chapter of 2014 we celebrated the start to a new and exciting year, the birth of my son for the third year, we found out who are family and friends where and well we learned that life can be tricky and it doesn’t get easier. I’ve over come bronchitis, a sinus infect, and the flu while raising three boys and working when I could.

Well now that I’ve rambled a little let’s get on to the fun … the photo’s the best pictures of January 2014.
None of the photo’s below are in order of the events… Sorry


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