Blogger Updates

Blogger Updates

January 31, 2014

Well since I had today off from work cause my son was sick I took sometime to play with my header on my blog site and create a new one with a cool and neat place online and well on my phone. Took some trial and error for the sizing but hey I got one I like but can’t wait for this coming month when we vamp up for Valentines day and my Birthday.

So we are going to play a game that could land you a gift card! 

Woot woot!!!!

I’ve changed names to pages … you’re job is to tell me what one’s where changed.
I’ve added two features you need to point out which ones.

You also need to tell me what’s different about my header! 

That will land you a gift card!

E-mail me at
Twitter me at @BellasWhiskey89 

I’ll give you a hint it’s ALL NEW!!!!


new posts coming, new page coming, and well more of everything!

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