Bar Nights Friday/Saturday & Monday Jan. 2014

Bar Nights with the Mama’s aka Sisters and the Regulars
those nights that always bring smiles to your faces when 
reliving them in text/call/facebook chats.

These pictures are from January 2014. These pictures are of me with my sisters one whom is a parent herself and then one who’s out in a different state and my mother and the regular bar folks that just so happen to be my friends. 

Sam & Me 

he got us to try the WILD BLUE & it’s GOOD 

duck face before duck face was duck face 


Timmy, Katie & Me (FIREBALL WHISKEY) we where drinking this before the song made it famous 

Tongue and she’s DRUNK 

Can’t keep balance cause she can’t keep her’s… lmfao it’s hard 

and she’s GONE


this is what happens when you get squashed by drunks (blurry pictures cause they think they aren’t moving)

ha ha ha DAD 


she was supposed to do hear but she was to into PEACE, NO SEE, NO SPEAK … we lost NO HEAR

yeah that’s when we cut her off 

Killing time trying to sober the drunk one… lol 


last time we all went out was my Bachelorette Party 

THE BAR DOING FIREBALL SHOTS! *Timmy, Sarah, Me, Katie, Nicole and Mother Deery* 1.28.2014

those three 🙂 

sharing pictures of old times out … lmfao 

mom trying to hide 

ha ha ha EPIC…. FAIL 

they took my phone when I went to the bathroom that’s what I got and oh there is more 

bah hahahahahaha

don’t ask 

ya kno ya drunk when Ma has to carry ya outta the bar 

and to the car 

thankfully Ma & Nicky had this my job was turn on car open door 🙂 

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