What A WEEKEND!!!!


Now that it’s the lovely Manic Monday it’s time to reflect on the past few days of my life and my families lives.

Friday Night I went to my first Hockey game at UMass, it was crazy fun that ended up at the local bar down in Sunderland and my sister getting completely DRUNK. Then Saturday we suffered from her drunk self being hung over … actually she woke up drunk cause the hangover didn’t hit until mid-day… I was pretty impressed yet clueless on how that was physically possible.

Some pictures from Friday & Saturday are below:

Sam the Minutemen & myself 


we’re goofballs 

trying the famous WILD BLUE 

Duck Faces before Duck Faces was known
lmfao we quacks 

Fireball before Fireball was famous
with the FAMOUS
Timmy Shimmy

she’s GONE

waiting on the drunk 

Sisters that love the SNOW

playing in the snow 

Bruins Babe who loves the snow 

My son’s 

Saturday’s snow storm 

Then I got to welcome Sunday and got to rest a little bit since well I was going to spend sometime at Best Buy as they fix their mistake from last time and I’m working on that blog as we speak. But I was able to get a beautiful picture of the sunset before I spent endless hours in the bay before it was finally done. 

Sunset outside Best Buy Auto Bay

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