Recap of Blogging over the Years

So back in 2012 I was introduced to google+ and then shortly after a friend shared her new found hobby for blogging, which was nice cause we both started blogging, as a newbie blogger and yes those blogs are still up I haven’t deleted them I’ve combined them into this one mast blog after I originally deleted that account felt the need to bring it back to see how much I’ve grown as a blogger and person.

In 2012 I had like 5 different blogs… and with no joke had like no views. A screen shot off my iPad that’s still logged into that account and blogger that NEVER gets used.

My First Blog

Now that I gave it up for practically a year and the account was on hold I re-opened it and well traveled through time to a better time in my life before things got crazy, friends came in and out of my life and so forth, but with time people change and that’s the truth.

Now that I’m doing blogging again I’m using it as hopefully a daily journal of my life and my life as a wife and mum-ma. Follow me on this blog and watch me and my family grow.

In 2012 I was a newbie writing on blogging sites, then took a break during the first year of my son’s birth okay well at least a few months because I didn’t return until like July 2013. I’ve used blogging as a venting way to release things that I need to share, some might not ever get posted while others do. I’ve learned to write about everything but in a way that is professional. 


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