Best Buy … Best Learned


Alrighty folks some friendly advice from a customer who’s seen it all … and experienced things you never should experience. 
On Monday, January 20th of 2014 I had a appointment scheduled with Best Buys Geek Squad Auto Techs for installation of a remote starter. The appointment was set for 2:00 pm and you have to arrive 5 minutes early for location of car, paperwork and extra crap that could arise. Well for me that extra crap wound up with me shedding the words BULLSHIT and talking to the store supervisor and explain everything and even said that I swore.

After talking with the store supervisor I was able to have my concerns heard, my thoughts listened too and things hopefully changed so they didn’t lose money when customers like myself complained about service and issues that arose. After chatting with the supervisor and being told that I’d refuse to pay for charges I was told of after the fact and he accepted that. We moved me to the end of the day with what should have been the longest time at the time of the last appointment. So still upset and disappointed yet relieved that my thoughts, visions, and concerns were addressed I’d be going back on Sunday, January 26th, of 2014.

Now let’s jump to Sunday, January 26th 2014 my appointment was set for 3:30 and well you have to arrive five minutes early… as stated earlier so I left my house at like 2:45 and got there on my time and still had to wait… as they were finishing up with a customer not a big deal I wasn’t in an honest rush since well … I’d figured I’d be done at like 7pm boy was I wrong. I got in gave him everything and basically signed the papers, he brought in the SUV asked me questions… and well went about on his work.

I came in at 5pm thinking that the vehicle would be done since he said check back around 4:45 since it didn’t seem like it would take too long since it seemed to be fine… well guess what … it was fine yet it took this idiot until 8pm to do a remote starter after which he STALLED my SUV not once but three times for leaving my AUTO LIGHTS ON instead of shutting them off, but in the end I got a new system that works… Woot Woot…

Be ware when shopping at best buy….



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