UMass Amherst Hockey Game

UMass Amherst Hockey
Friday, January 24th, 2014

On Friday, January 24th, 2014 my older sister Katie asked me in the beginning of the week if I wanted to go to a Hockey game at the Mullins Center to show support for the UMass Amherst Hockey team and without hesitation my response was YES! Of course this would be my first game for Hockey for UMass … as I’d been to basketball games in the past and boy those are just as fun as the hockey games. 

So with this being my first UMass Hockey game it was well worth the few photo’s I took and well the funny video’s I gathered that I myself took. I hope you enjoy this post as this is more of a random life post for myself. So check out them out 🙂 

Sisters ❤ Katie & Me


UMass Hockey Game 

Sam & Myself *MinuteMen*

happy happy happy 


Grumpy after some incidents & a PEACOCK


this is how we bring dad to games *FaceTime*

he he he We Didn’t Do It officers :p they didn’t know we stole a pic

kisses and stealing pictures 


My niece thinks he’s a HOTTIE 

UMass Cheer 
Kiss Cam *UMass Hockey Game*

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