Snow Storm Tuesday (What a JOKE)

So on Monday night we got warning that Tuesday we’d be getting a NASTY storm in Westernmass and well since being born & raised in this lovely area I’m used to the weather folks being HORRIBLY WRONG, as so proven in this last storm. 

I got word the storm was to start at 1 pm on Tuesday and well my drive home started at 5:00 pm with three kids after getting them from school after my work day and well there wasn’t much for snow just bitter cold well that was until we hit our town where we actually got some SNOW. Below are the pictures of the travels from work too home and from home to work today (Wednesday 1.22.2014).

My drive home  in the SUPPOSED STORM

Pelham got more STORM than Amherst

Amherst Temp
Pelham Temp (Yeah it’s always colder in Pelham)
my drive to work off the snowy, muddy, and yucky hill 
Yeah we got snow and look the moon while the sun is rising you can’t say beautiful just like this
1.22.2014 Morning after the storm in Westernmass


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