Wow, this weekend seemed to last forever as it started last Thursday for me, yet it wasn’t as cracked up as most might have thought. SADLY!

So as most have already read if gone through my blog I had a wake/funeral for some of my family as they lost a family member Tim Collette before my day in court which was HONESTLY A WAIST OF TIME cause well to be honest I’ll drag this out until it’s 6 year mark and well they knew I would and since I’ve got no money it’s not costing me anything since I’m not hiring a lawyer to fight it. So later we clean the car prepping for the long drive ahead of me the next day for my Uncle Don Rule passed away as well, but for us we look at it as he’s no longer suffering and he’s with his family.

After prepping the SUV we went through the car wash to make her nice and clean and well that honestly didn’t last too long but it’s something EVERY CAR OWNER SHOULD DO IN THE WINTER when the temperature is ABOVE FREEZING since there is salt and sand all over the road.

Well then off to Long Radio I went to see if they could tell me what was wrong with my remote starter and if they could program another remote for me … sadly NOPE, wasn’t worth it since it was just the chip and well then to find out the system was off yet never turned on then completely CRAPPED OUT so yeah I was beyond upset and annoyed and frustrated with the whole thing and day. So off to the mall we went to get my husband a hair cut and well we went through checking fuses and what not in the parking lot and of course I didn’t have any tools in my truck used my teeth and keys to remove fuses (I don’t recommend doing such) but after 30 minutes of utter failure we went off and we signed in to Master Cuts to get his hair cut and well I thought a waxing wouldn’t hurt … plus I didn’t have the patients to pluck (yeah I pluck and get my brows waxed)…  well since we had a wait it was OFF TO BEST BUY… oh don’t even get me started on that… wait… let’s!

At best buy we checked out systems… basic models and well they carried the VIPER models which was fine I’ve heard nothing but good news about it so well with that I got one that was ON SALE woot woot bonus for me… yet having a preinstalled system I possibly had the hood lactch and over ride in my vehicle but still had to buy news one’s cause it’s their rule… FINE all do that … but is it going to cost to have my system removed no that’s covered, well crap shoot it’s not… or well that’s what you’ll later learn in the upcoming post… but let’s just say I got a system and well hopefully will be adding on to it with a VIPER SMART START system on top the basic VIPER since I use my phone and have kids keys are bound to get locked into at least once … wait that’s happened before and well at least I got them out.

So today I was still confused that  it wasn’t Monday as for we had a holiday but that didn’t stop me from rushing around thinking it was even until the wee part of today … at work.

So my weekend was crazy and hectic yet fun I shall post some pretty neat pictures of the boy’s and myself playing in the snow and the snow fun they had with my dad and our family.


oh all make sure to post page updates as well…


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