SNOW SUNDAY 1.19.2014

So on Sunday, January 19th, 2014 we had a family member over who well… yeah wasn’t much fun and was more into their iPod than anything … so during my little man’s nap time I took my two older boys outside for a good hour and well we had a blast… we played HARD too! I also took my pup’s outside and well felt this a perfect time to do some photography with my iPhone not the greatest of items to use for it but still better than nothing. 
Below are pictures of the snow fun that was experienced on Sunday and let me tell you it was a blast … nothing but smiles and of course coldness but nothing but good things… even if the girl didn’t pay attention let my son play with paint, ruin things that well can be fixed and of course paint himself then utter leave as fast as she came… let’s just say we got over that stuff real fast when we had an amazing dinner with my family. 

Sean & Connor playing with sleds 

Happy Happy Happy & Tongue 

Western, Massachusetts *Pelham*

heading to the sledding hill in the back yard 

going back up for ROUND 2 

Chunky Monkey & his Mum 

Seanie Bear & his Mom

Sean lost his sled 

Connor to the rescue 

these two are hams and they love the snow 

my lovely boys

he’s so full of expressions 

*Snow Babe* Born & Raised 

going back up for ROUND 3

Connor, Mum/Mom, Sean
My Guys & Me during our SNOW PLAY

lol he’s such a goofball 

walking around the house in the snow 

follow the leader 

they caught up 

he fell down 

brother to the rescue 

love his expressions and he uh oh 

uh oh they found the tree covered in SNOW

time to make it RAIN SNOW as they say

unsure but still checking things out 

here they go… woot woot 

BLACK & WHITE *making it rain snow*
(Western, Massachusetts -Pelham-)

action in color 

Connor warming up with Mum

Max having a blast playing with her toys in the snow 

beautiful GSD *German Shepard* in the snowy  yard 

ICE off my roof!


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