Mr. & Mrs. Hatt *A Bitter Sweet Love Story*

Our Love Story… it’s not sad but it’s true!

So I meet my husband through my mother, through a twist of fate that what I said when I was little would hold true and would be answered. 
So my mother is my husband’s ex… yes you are reading that correctly… I married someone my mother dated and no they were never engaged, never married but they did date for a good couple years. I live in the house I got help build when I was a child… yes most find it creepy, I can say this is the house that built me as I built it. I didn’t see him as anyone special in my life besides Lorne when he dated my mother… I defied him and my mother at every waking moment of their lives. But I also trusted him and respected him as a person. He worked days and nights so I really never honestly saw the person except on his days off. Well to be true they him and my mother where a match made from HELL. They had some good moments… they had some wicked bad moments… My memories are hazy and old… all I know is that when I was in like second grade I recall saying that I was going to marry him … well low and behold in 2011 it came true!
We started dating back in 2007 and within a year 2008 we welcomed our first child together, got engaged then wound up splitting up and at that time with no hope for getting back together. Until a horribly failed relationship that left me pregnant with my second child and alone with my first child.
It wasn’t he was taking me back because he felt pity on me but because over the course of my estranged relationship we spent time together for our son to see that we could get along and we talked, we made promise to always love each other and well we kept that promise.
After that failed relationship we decided that we should give it a second chance because we’d had time to change, reflect and restart … let alone we had Sean to think about and I had another baby on the way. And well that’s what we did we worked hard for where we got and in 2011 we got married a few months after the birth of my second son. 
I’ve been with my husband practically since 2007.

We started dating when I was 18 and I’m now 24, we’ve had our ups and downs but we always come back to one another we are each others rocks. We have a beautiful family and we are stronger together than apart! 
I love him and he loves me! 
So from 2007 and until FOREVER is my love story with him! 
Started dating 2007
Had our first child 2008
Split in March 2010 till June 2010
Had our second child in 2011 (Even though Connor isn’t biologically his … he has his last name and looks to him as a father… he was there since he was in the womb when shit went bad with the biological father and every after)
Got married in May 2011
Welcomed our third son in 2012
Our family has nothing but LOVE, FAITH and HAPPINESS. 
One day in the future all have that little girl I want… until then my three boys and pets will keep me more than company, more than content with life and give me everything I need and want in life!

May 21, 2011 *Our Wedding Day*
Mr. & Mrs. Lorne Hatt

Smiles … and more VOWS


& off we go!


May 21, 2012 *One Year Down & A Life Time To Go*

May 21, 2013 *Two Years Down & A Life Time To Go*


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