Connor’s Date Night with Mummy

Connor’s Date with Mummy
Connor got to be the first to go on this new found idea of mine… DATE NIGHT with the KIDS

Date the Kids was inspired after hearing stories of parents who spend more time working and less time with their own kids and well I’m not one for nanny’s or anything… I’d rather raise my own kids my way and be there while they grow up.

On Tuesday Night I took Connor out on what we called a DATE NIGHT… a special night dedicated to JUST HIM! Everything we did he was a major part of even if that meant shopping, which is what we chose to do… 

I promised Connor a new air plane since his older brother broke his so we went off to Target in Hadley and well instead we got a POLICE HELICOPTER that seriously lights up in red, white and blue colors … and sounds like a police car… with helicopter sounds. 

So here are some photo’s that I was able to take during our DATE

watching George Jetson movie with mummy

right when I was called OLD 

RAWR a special sign of LOVE


The Start to our DATE

excited to go home and play with his copter 

On the Date enjoying time hunting for the perfect replacement plane 


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