Married & Dating

Married & Dating

I’m married and yes I’m also dating… I read an article that was shared on facebook and chuckled. That article titled I’m Dating Someone Even Though I’m Married which was something I saw on facebook through another site that shares trending blogs VIRALNOVA  and felt the need to check this out.

So well I’m married but I’m dating and before you all FLIP … I’m dating my husband. In this article there is something valid that sticks out

just because you said I DO and became a married couple doesn’t mean you have to stop the pursing and dating portion of your life together

I totally agree with that statement and believe that like they’ve stated is one of the reason’s marriages now a days don’t last more than a few months if lucky a few years. So to hold my marriage together my husband and I agree to keep dating each other, yet it’s hard as we’ve got three son’s that demand our attention when we aren’t at work and they aren’t at school along with our family pets who are our extended family members.

So my husband and I agreed to go on a out of the house date once a month providing funds and at least once a week have a in home date when we stick the boys to bed early and watch a t.v. show together, a movie, or play a board game, the simple things in life that keep it fun. It doesn’t have to cost money it just have to have thought and feeling.

If you have kids you can keep a good relationship with them and to make sure they don’t feel like someone is loved more than the other one night each of your choosing for me since we have three we do Monday, Wednesday, and Friday and we rotate who gets some quality time with each parent.

 But I can blog about those date nights with the kids later. 

My Boyfriend, My Husband, My Lover, My Best Friend, My Soul Mate

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